Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Custom Clothing Doesn't Guarantee Well Made


An old friend of mine stopped to see me the other day, to proudly show-off his new custom made suit.  It was a disaster.  The shoulders were wavy, it was far too big and baggy in the chest and the balance was way off.  I smiled and told him how lovely the fabric was.

I have seen magnificent custom made clothing as well as the calamity noted above.  And that’s my point – just because something is custom does not guarantee it is well made, high quality, or a favorable outcome.  It just means it is made for you.  Put another way, would you rather have a custom made Ferrari or Yugo? 

The next time a smooth salesman mentions a special deal on a custom suit ask to see samples of a finished garment.  Inspect the suit carefully – if it is truly custom made then you will see the telltale uneven stitches in the armhole and under the collar showing it is handmade.  Feel the fabric to see if the cloth has spring and life to it.   Crunch up the chest and make sure it is supple rather than feeling like cardboard

I have seen too many custom suits at all price levels that are no value to the end customer and hope with this advice you can avoid a custom clothing misadventure.


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